Koji Tatsuno




Koji Tatsuno, has worked in the business since 1982, when he came to London on a trip working to buy and sell antiques and by chance entered into a world of fashioning art through clothing. Entirely self taught, he has not had any guidance, where creations are concerned. His work however, is not solely limited to conventional fashion. In the past he has worked on providing threads for films, operas, ballets and interior decoration.
Culture Shock were the first brand to have Tatsuno designing for them (1982 - 1986) After which, he practiced bespoke tailoring at Koji Tatsuno in Mount Street, London. (1986 - 1991). 1990 was the year he went on to create his own line of garments which earned him the reputation of a "an un-conventional designer, whose clothes are the complex, intelligent constructions of a disciplined subversive mind", these, he worked on for an intense 12 years. in 2002 he accepted an offer to be Creative Director, of the couture house, Madame Gres in Paris from 2002 untill 2005, where he now continues to work and live. 

Paris - London
Koji Tatsuno 

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